“I love thinking outside the box about your brand or product and suggesting   other brands you could partner with to maximise budgets and awareness”

By linking premier brands together with similar brand values and objectives the opportunities and results can be so much more effective and profitable.  Nicki has a post-Grad in Marketing and has worked on the Client and advertising agency side.  If you are struggling with how to market your brand – her strategic marketing and communications experience can help you with your planning and implementation.

  • Brand and logo development
  • Marketing advice
  • Launch planning
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Strategic brand partnerships
  • Appearance fees
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Product Placement
  • Event Planning
  • New product development
  • Publishing, publicity tours and retail marketing
  • Premier brand marketing and publicity

Some of the brand partnerships initiated include:–

  • Newmarket Racecourses with Cambridge luxury hotel groups
  • Newmarket Racecourses with fashion brands including Paul Costelloe and David Shilling Hat Designer
  • Fashion show in Sydney for Virgin megastores classical department with Citibank Gold Customers & diamond jewellery brand
  • Ticketmaster BASS launch in Melbourne with Smokey Joe’s Café theatre cast

I can even work as a publicist with authors, actors and celebrities (without being too starstruck!).  I have been lucky enough to meet a vast number of them during the course of my career and hope some of them do not mind a little ‘thank-you’ mention!

  • Claudia Schiffer (who even looked great in white leggings promoting fitness videos)
  • Jeff Bridges (who was simply charming at film conference appearance in Las Vegas)
  • Tony Hadley (who wowed the competition winners at Newmarket music night)
  • The Corrs (who performed an in-store in an Australian pub for the music crowd)